Taprin Crystal Meni Spa Salt with Strawberry Extract 900g

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The Taprin Crystal Meni Spa Salt with Strawberry Extract is a delightful addition to your manicure-pedicure kit. This special salt includes the goodness of strawberry extract, making your manicure-pedicure experience even more enjoyable. It gently exfoliates your hands and feet, leaving them soft and smooth. Simply apply the salt during your manicure-pedicure session to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin. The subtle strawberry scent adds a touch of sweetness to the process. Pamper yourself with this fantastic product, making your manicure-pedicure a treat for your senses.


Crystal Meni Spa Salt with Strawberry Extract Benefits


  • Exfoliation: The salt effectively exfoliates your skin, removing dead cells and leaving it smoother.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Strawberry extract enriches the treatment, promoting skin rejuvenation and a fresh look.
  • Soothing Fragrance: The subtle strawberry scent enhances the spa experience, creating a calming atmosphere.
  • Softness: It leaves your hands and feet feeling soft and touchably smooth.

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