Purobio Fruit Glow Body Lotion - 500ml

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Purobio Fruit Glow Body Lotion is a delightful fruit body lotion that nourishes and hydrates your skin. This fruit moisturizer is packed with the goodness of natural fruits, giving your skin a healthy and radiant glow. It's like a refreshing fruit salad for your skin! This lotion absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. With its fruity fragrance, it's a treat for your senses too. Pamper your skin with the Purobio Fruit Glow Body Lotion and let the natural fruity ingredients make your skin happy and glowing!


Fruit Glow Body Lotion Benefits


    • Hydration: This fruit moisturizer provides deep hydration, keeping your skin soft and supple.
    • Nourishment: Packed with natural fruit extracts, it nourishes your skin with essential vitamins and antioxidants.
    • Radiant Glow: Regular use of this fruit body lotion enhances your skin's natural radiance, giving it a healthy glow
    • Suitable for All Skin Types: Purobio Fruit Glow Body Lotion is a versatile skincare solution suitable for every skin type, including sensitive, dry, oily, and combination skin.

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