Estilo Liposoluble Almond Milk Wax - 800ml

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Estilo Liposoluble Almond Milk Wax is a premium-quality wax specially formulated to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted hair from various body parts. Infused with the goodness of almond milk, dulcis oil and vegetable oil this wax offers a soothing and luxurious hair removal experience.

Why Choose Estilo Liposoluble Almond Milk Wax?

Almond Milk Infusion: The Estilo Almond Milk Hair Removal Wax is enriched with almond milk extract, which provides multiple benefits to the skin, including hydration and nourishment.
Effective Hair Removal: This wax removes hair from the roots. It offers longer-lasting results than shaving or other temporary methods.

Gentle on the Skin: Almond Milk Hair Removal Wax is gentle. It reduces the risk of irritation and redness.
Easy to Use: This wax comes in a convenient package that can be heated and applied easily.
It has a low melting point, allowing for quick application.

How to Use:

  • Heat the product until it completely melts (around 50-55°C).
  • Clean the skin with an after-wax lotion, then dry the area to be depilated thoroughly.
  • Spread a thin layer of wax with a spatula toward hair growth.
  • Stick a nonwoven strip or tissue on the wax, press the strip onto the wax, and then pull it off against the direction of hair growth.
  • After depilation, clean the skin, if necessary, with a post-depilation oil.

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