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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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Nanoplast Balancing conditionerNanoplast Balancing conditioner
PUROBIO Purobio Nanoplast Balancing conditioner Step 4 - 1000ml
Sale priceFrom ₹ 2,640.00 Regular price₹ 3,300.00
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Nanoplast Balancing ShampooNanoplast Balancing Shampoo
PUROBIO Purobio Nanoplast Balancing Shampoo Step 3 - 1000ml
Sale priceFrom ₹ 2,640.00 Regular price₹ 3,300.00
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Nanoplast Hair TamingPurobio Nanoplast Hair Taming Step 2 - 1000ml
PUROBIO Purobio Nanoplast Hair Taming Step 2 - 1000ml
Sale priceFrom ₹ 8,800.00 Regular price₹ 11,000.00
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Nanoplast Clarifying ShampooNanoplast Clarifying Shampoo
PUROBIO Purobio Nanoplast Clarifying Shampoo Step 1 - 1000ml
Sale priceFrom ₹ 1,160.00 Regular price₹ 1,450.00
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Sulphate Free Keratin ShampooSulphate Free Keratin Shampoo
PUROBIO Purobio Sulphate Free Keratin Shampoo - 500ml
Sale priceFrom ₹ 959.00 Regular price₹ 1,199.00
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Wholesale Hair Treatments for Salons & Businesses at Cosworld

Calling all salon owners, hairstylists, and hair care professionals! Are your clients seeking solutions for dry, damaged hair, frizz, and split ends? At Cosworld, we understand the importance of offering a variety of effective hair treatments to elevate your services and keep your clients raving about their healthy, vibrant hair.

Wholesale Hair Treatments for Every Hair Type & Concern:

We offer a comprehensive wholesale hair treatment specifically designed for the demands of busy salons and businesses. Discover a range of hair treatments addressing various concerns, allowing you to cater to a wider clients:
    • Deep Conditioning Bliss : Deeply nourish and hydrate even the most parched hair with our potent masks and treatments packed with ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and keratin. They'll make your hair super smooth and easy to manage.
    • Fight Frizz & Tame Flyaways : Help clients achieve sleek, polished looks with our specialized formulas designed to combat frizz . Whether they have naturally curly hair or experience dryness-induced frizz , our treatments will help them achieve a smooth, manageable mane they'll love.
    • Split End SOS : Help clients achieve healthy hair growth with our targeted split end treatments. These powerful formulas mend and seal damaged ends , preventing further breakage for stronger, healthier-looking hair.
    • Color-Treated Hair Heroes: For clients with color-treated hair, maintaining vibrant hues and preventing color fading can be a constant battle. Our color-treated hair treatments are formulated with gentle yet effective ingredients that nourish and protect colored hair, extending the life of their vibrant locks. Help them maintain the salon-quality color they love for longer.
    • Heat Damage Repair: Heat styling tools can take a toll on hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Our heat damage repair treatments work wonders to restore and revitalize heat-damaged hair. Infused with nourishing ingredients, these treatments help mend split ends, improve elasticity, and restore hair's natural shine and softness.

Salon-Quality Care at Wholesale Prices:

Equip your salon with professional-grade Hair treatments with minimum price. Our wholesale pricing allows you to offer premium services while maintaining healthy profit margins. Attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back for more with the promise of noticeable results at competitive prices.

Benefits of Bulk Buying with Cosworld:

    • Significant Savings: Enjoy significant savings on wholesale hair treatments, allowing you to offer competitive pricing and attractive packages for your clients.
    • Superior Quality, Exceptional Results: Our treatments are formulated with high-quality ingredients to deliver noticeable improvements in hair health and texture, keeping your clients satisfied and eager to return.
    • Streamline Your Inventory: Consolidate your hair treatment needs with a trusted wholesale supplier like Cosworld. We offer a diverse selection to cater to all hair types and needs, eliminating the need to source from multiple vendors.

Here are some important ingredients often found in hair treatments and how they help:

    1. Keratin: This protein strengthens and fixes damaged hair. Keratin treatments add back the protein lost, making hair smoother and tougher.
    1. Argan Oil: Full of antioxidants and healthy fats, argan oil moisturizes hair and the scalp. It fights dryness and frizz while making hair shiny and soft.
    1. Shea Butter: Shea butter is great at moisturizing hair deeply. It makes hair more elastic and stops it from breaking easily.
    1. Silk Proteins: Silk proteins cover each hair strand, making the outer layer smoother. This reduces frizz, adds shine, and makes hair easier to manage.
    1. Glycerin: Glycerin pulls moisture into hair, keeping it hydrated. It fights dryness and helps hair stay moisturized.

Hair treatment At-Home vs. Professional Treatments:

Professional salon treatments and at-home remedies for hair care have key differences in their convenience, expertise, and effectiveness. Salon treatments are done by trained experts who know hair care well and use top-notch products. They often give quick and visible results, but they can cost more and take up more time. Meanwhile, at-home remedies are easier and cheaper, letting you take care of your hair when you want. However, it might take longer and some trial and error to find what works best for your hair type. So, it's up to you to pick what fits your preferences, budget, and goals.

Best Wholesale Professional Hair Treatment Products in India

Hair Treatment Price (₹)
Purobio Nanoplast Clarifying Shampoo Step 1 1160
Purobio Nanoplast Hair Taming Step 2 8800
Purobio Nanoplast Balancing Shampoo Step 3 2640
Purobio Nanoplast Balancing conditioner Step 4 2640
Purobio Sulphate Free Keratin Shampoo 2640

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