Estilo White Chocolate Brazilian Liposoluble Wax 800ml

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Estilo White Chocolate Brazilian Liposoluble Wax is a premium waxing product - it is smooth, high-performing, and specially formulated for sensitive skin. This luxurious wax is very gentle and will effectively remove hair from the delicate skin of the bikini area. Other traditional hard waxes tend to be hard and annoying, but this one truly pampers the skin while giving you easy, thorough, reduced ingrown hairs and long-lasting wax. Whether you are a professional waxer or simply a waxing rookie, this is the supreme and ideal technique to obtain a smooth, hairless look without any discomfort.

Benefits of White Chocolate Brazilian Liposoluble Wax:

  • Gentle on the Skin: This wax has been formulated to be gentle with the skin, reducing the typical aggravation of this process.
  • Excellent Hair Removal:  Estilo White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax removes even the shortest and most stubborn hair, leaving the skin smooth and silky.
  • Sweet Fragrance: This wax has a nice, sweet fragrance, with a touch of white chocolate, that fills up a room with pleasant aroma.
  • Smooth Application: The liposoluble formulation of the wax allows for easy and smooth application onto the skin.

Perfect for:

  • Bikini area waxing
  • Underarms
  • Other sensitive areas



  • Heat wax to the temperature (around 50* to 55*) 
  • Wax is to be applied thinly in the hair growth direction. 
  • Allow the wax to cool slightly.
  • Stretch the skin taut and remove the wax by using a firm, quick movement in the direction opposite to hair growth.
  • Wipe the skin area with oil or water to clean the surface from wax traces.

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