Taprin Crystal Pedi Spa Soak with Strawberry extract 600g

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The Taprin Crystal Pedi Spa Soak with Strawberry Extract is a delightful addition to your at-home manicure pedicure kit. This creamy soak is specially formulated with the goodness of strawberry extract to pamper your hands and feet. As you soak, it softens your skin, making it easier to use your manicure pedicure tools for a perfect nail care routine. The strawberry extract infuses a sweet fragrance and a touch of natural care to the experience. Treat yourself to a luxurious spa-like sensation with this creamy soak – a must-have for your self-care routine.


 Crystal Pedi Spa Soak with Strawberry Extract Benefits


  • Hydration: The creamy soak provides deep hydration to your skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  • Nail Care: It makes your nails easier to manage and maintain with manicure pedicure tools.
  • Aromatic Experience: The strawberry extract adds a delightful fragrance to your spa session, creating a pleasant ambiance.
  • At-Home Spa: Enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home, saving time and money on professional treatments.

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