Purobio Plumeria micellar makeup remover with ultra-soft wipes- 60g

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The Purobio Plumeria Micellar Makeup Remover is a gentle and effective way to remove makeup. This product comes with ultra-soft pre-moistened cloths, making makeup removal a breeze. It's a liquid makeup remover that is perfect for removing eye makeup too. With these soft cloths, you can easily wipe away your makeup without any harsh rubbing or irritation. The Plumeria scent adds a touch of luxury to your makeup removal routine. Say goodbye to stubborn makeup with this convenient and soothing makeup remover.


Purobio Plumeria Micellar Makeup Remover Benefits


    • Gentle Removal: This makeup remover is gentle on your skin, preventing any harsh scrubbing or irritation.
    • Effective: It effectively removes makeup, including stubborn eye makeup, leaving your skin clean and refreshed.
    • Softness: The ultra-soft cloths are gentle on your skin, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious makeup removal process.
    • Hydration: The micellar formula helps hydrate your skin while removing makeup, leaving it feeling moisturized.

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