Purobio Nanoplast Balancing Shampoo Step 3 - 1000ml

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Nanoplast Balancing Shampoo Step 3 is your ultimate solution for achieving the perfect equilibrium in hair care. This advanced formula provides comprehensive hair protection and nourishment, ensuring your locks stay resilient and healthy. But that's not all – our commitment to environmental protection means this shampoo is designed with sustainability in mind, making it an eco-conscious choice. Step 3 strikes the right balance, leaving your hair with a silky, shiny, and smooth look. Experience the transformation your hair deserves, while contributing to a greener world. Choose Nanoplast for hair that's not just beautiful but also environmentally responsible.


Balancing Shampoo Step 3 Benefits


  • Hair Protection: Step 3 offers comprehensive hair protection, shielding your strands from damage caused by environmental factors and styling routines.
  • Nourishment: This shampoo deeply nourishes your hair, replenishing it with essential nutrients to keep it healthy and vibrant.
  • Right Balance: Achieve the perfect balance between cleanliness and moisture, as this shampoo maintains your hair's natural equilibrium.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all hair types, this shampoo ensures that everyone can benefit from its exceptional properties.



  •  Massage Balancing Shampoo into wet hair.
  •  Rinse and follow with Balancing Conditioner.
  • Style and finish with Purobio Balancing Conditioner after-care products for a totally smooth and balanced look.

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