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Sweet Professional The First Shampoo & The First Conditioner Set Kit - 200ml

Sweet Professional The First Shampoo & The First Conditioner Set Kit - 200ml

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The First maintenance shampoo gently cleans the hair. Sulfate-free formula Without damaging it generates a result of smooth, disciplined, and hydrated hair. All this movement and naturalness to the threads. Removes oil & grease from your hair, restores healthy sebum, and restores the pH balance. Balancing formula nourishes and cleanses hair. With Keratin and Argan Oil, formulated to revive dull and oily hair. Nourishing oils penetrate follicles for hair that’s strong & smooth from root to tip. Purobio Balancing Shampoo for oily to dry hair offers in-depth cleansing without causing irritation and will leave your hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. With the ingredients such as Natural Seed Oils and Natural Plant Extracts, this shampoo tames greasy hair by balancing the hair and restoring its pH level.

For daily treatment, The First's Conditioner Repair aids in treating heat processed hair smoothing, smoothing, and promoting mass replacement from the inside out. Corrects the fissures of the cuticle and the cortex of the hair. It is cream rich in proteins and amino acid complexes, which enhance the cosmetic treatment and act as pH stabilizers. Fortified with a hydrolyzed keratin protein that protects hair damage and repairs it inside out to a healthy state. By cleansing dry or chemically treated hair it soothes and replenishes hair, leaving them feeling healthy and refreshed. It is for oily hair offers in-depth cleansing without causing irritation, leaving hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. It maintains hair’s natural hydration while leaving hair fluffy and shiny.

  • 【KIT】The Blend Moisturizing Kit comes with post-smoothing shampoo and conditioner for maintenance after advanced treatment, keeping hair straight, nourished, and shiny.
  • 【FORMULA FOR ALL HAIR】The First Maintenance Shampoo has a Sulfate free formula that combines all hair types, promoting smooth hygiene associated with hydration and providing light and disciplined hair. All this with movements and naturalness to the wires. Its assets linked to hyaluronic acid prolong straightening and control frizz.
  • 【CORRECTS CRACKS AND REPLACE MASS】The First Maintenance Conditioner, suitable for daily use, helps to treat hair processed by thermal straightening, favoring the strengthening and replacement of mass from the inside out, correcting the fissures of the cuticle and cortex of the wires, and making hair lighter. It has an exclusive activity that allows you to control frizz and prolong straightening.
  • 【SMOOTH AND LIGHT FOR LONGER】 The combination of Blend Hydratation Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner combines natural raw material and technology that brings softness for a long time and conditions without weighing hair down.
  • 【ANTI-FRIZZ ACTION】 This line can be used for all hair types and promotes the anti-frizz effect, prolongs nourishing straightening, and has an anti-humidity system emollient action.

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