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Sweet Professional Hair Straightening Treatment Set - 500ml

Sweet Professional Hair Straightening Treatment Set - 500ml

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Sweet Professional Shampoo First Step pH9: It is used as a primary product for multiple hair treatments to cleanse and prepare the hair for hair taming and straightening procedures. Its gently cleans and soothes your hair, while removing impurities from the inside out. This shampoo having ALOE VERA as one of the primary ingredients, it also contains PRO Vitamins that helps strengthen the hair from the roots. Shampoo First Step pH9 is made to prepare the hair for the hair taming treatment, it has the properties to open up cuticles for a proper deep clean wash. Opens up the hair cuticle and effectively preps the hair for Taming Treatment.

Sweet Professional Hair Treatment is the most advanced hair repair with straightening formula worldwide formulated to completely restore the damaged hair cortex and the hair cuticle bringing your hair back to life. The treatment fills all gaps and repair all broken fibres and links inside the hair fuller, thicker and much stronger. Results are healthier, smoother and softer hair with an incredible shine. Please use as indicated.

Sweet Professional TOUCH OF SILK cream rich in proteins and amino acid complex, which enhance the cosmetic treatment and act as pH stabilizers. Touch of Silk for oily to dry hair is a blend of NATURAL SEED OILS and NATURAL PLANT EXTRACTS that helps in hydrating hair leaving them nourished and conditioned by restoring pH levels. Fortified with a hydrolysed keratin protein that protects hair damage and repairs it inside out to a healthy state. By cleansing dry or chemically treated hair it soothes and replenishes hair, leaving them feeling healthy and refreshed. It is for oily hair offers in-depth cleansing without causing irritation, leaving hair healthy, shiny and smooth. It maintains hair’s natural hydration while leaving hair fluffy and shiny.

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